Monday, August 8, 2011


Special notes:

The following fonts were found on Font Space: Dodge, Quigley Wiggly, Uneasy, Xifiction, Yahoo, and Zombie Holocaust. This is a great site with a fun collection of fonts. The rest of the fonts were standard with my Adobe programs. Examples of fonts often include how numbers and punctuation marks look, thus the bottom right corner is not another example - it's just the title of this piece.

The punctuation marks are Times New Roman (you've probably never heard of it) and the font labels are Microsoft Sans Serif. 

Each letter is sized to 55 pt, and are all set on the same baseline except for the H (but I loved the Harlow font, even though it descended into the font label. Because of this, it's bumped up a few points from the baseline). Keeping the same font size for each letter gives a better understanding that font sizes are not standard fit per point. (i.e. a Comic Sans 12pt text can be shorter than Papyrus 12pt text)  

images © Kelci Stephenson 2011

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