Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Complementary color lesson I

Complementary colors are sets of colors opposite from each other on the color wheel. When a color is placed with its complementary color, they appear more intense. Yellow and Purple are examples of this.

On a side note, the English usage of purple and violet are interchangeable... but in color theory it doesn't work that way. Purple is the range of hues between red and blue, which can be explained as the combination of red and blue. Violet is considered a spectral color that just has a smaller wave length than blue. 

Understandable, right? Yeah.. I didn't really think so either. To me, the world violet just sounds more elegant than purple.

Fonts used - Freestyle Script and Chiller (the letters V, Y, and L to create the pansy flower) 

images © Kelci Stephenson 2011

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