Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bloody ligatures.

A ligature is two or more letters joined together to make one glyph (which is the form used in a type face). It's not common, but it helps very much when you have a word like "fiend" - the top curve of the f (also known as a terminal) and the tittle of the i (the dot thingy floating above) are very close and look awkward. That's when a ligature swoops in and saves the day! No more Tittles crowded by Terminals.

Ligatures are circled. Just so ya' know.

And just in case you're wondering "When the hell would I spell a word with F next to J?"
Fjord. The answer is fjord.

Fonts used - Myriad

On a side note, I have fake blood left over from my Halloween zombie costume. I'm not Dexter or anything - promise!

images © Kelci Stephenson 2011

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